Color Unit: A freebie JUST for TODAY!

In the beginning of the year, I always start with teaching about the colors!  It is a great way to start on a familiar theme that everyone understands and is familiar with.  Along with practicing different color recognition and sorting skills, we are learning about reading through learning the color words.  I was able to make a Color Unit to use with my kids right when school starts!

My FAVORITE part of the Color Unit is the crayon craftivity that comes with it!  I like to teach a color a week, so each week we will add a different crayon to our crayon box!  I will staple the crayon boxes up on the bulletin board, and fill the little box as we go! :)

Since I teach a color a week, I wanted to have 5 different printables for each color.  I will use these for centers, homework, whole group practice, or for assessments!

I love centers that are hands on where their little fingers can move and manipulate the pieces.  For this center the kids match the picture with the correct color word.  I also made a different word mat that has the words printed in the actual color, for those that are having trouble reading.  :)

My most FAVORITE activity to do with my students (well, one of them) is a Read the Room activity.  This is the same concept, but they are "coloring the room."  You place the colored cards around the room, and they go on a hunt to find the pictures.  Once they find a picture card, they color their sheet the same color.

A basic skill is sorting colors.  I made little cards for you to practice sorting whole group or at a center.  

I am going to be hanging these color posters in the front of my room so the kids can see the color words daily!

The kids can use these color puzzles to practice arranging them in the correct order to spell the word.  They can use the color posters to spell the word, or follow the pattern of the crayon to spell the word.

Today I am sharing the yellow section of this packet as a FREEBIE just for TODAY!!! You can grab this freebie over at Miss Kindergarten's blog.  During the summer, each Tuesday she features a different TpT Author to share a part of their product for free for 24 hours.  Head over and grab this goodie and be sure to return each Tuesday to snag a temporary freebie!

Click the image below to grab the freebie at Miss Kindergarten's blog!


Tpt Seller Challenge Week 1: Makeover Madness!

Some bloggers had an amazing idea for a 4 week blogger challenge.  Each week we are challenged to do something new to enhance our TpT Store!  This week our challenge is to update one of our current products in our store.

I decided I would update the cover to one of my favorite products Reading and Printing Simple Sentences.  I love this product because teaching Kindergarten students how to write a sentence can be a challenge.  Some of the students are ready to write independently, while others don't understand the concept of using letters to make a word.  Everyone learns at a different pace so I made these printables for the students to practice reading and writing simple sentences independently.  

Take a look at my cover makeover....

Here is a closer look at what printables are inside...

Because I am so excited about this makeover, I put this product on SALE for this week.  This is one of three packs (I haven't fixed up the other covers yet) AND I have them in a bundle as well!

Head over to Sparkling in Second to see more people updating their products!