Cricut: Back to School Teacher Campaign

First and foremost have you heard about the HUGE Cricut giveaway?!?!?  They are giving away 70 different Cricut prizes over the next 7 weeks!  You MUST go to their Facebook page to enter to win.  Click on the photo to enter!

I recently have been learning how to use my Cricut to make cute projects for my classroom.  The possibilities are seriously endless with this machine.  It seems if you can think it in your mind, you can create it!  I started with some basic projects as I was learning to use the software, and I am excited with the results.  Take a look...

 I wanted to make a pennant flag to have the students hold for a first day picture OR to hang in front of my desk.  I LOVE taking a first day of school photo of each student.  I try to think of a fun prop for them to hold each year!

You can see I started the banner by cutting little flags and apples.  The next step was to glue them together and then to cut "Kindergarten" using the Cricut letters.  

School doesn't start for another month AND I will start the year off on maternity leave, so I couldn't display a cute kid holding the banner.  But the idea is, they will each hold the banner for a photo!

For my second Cricut craft, I made little pencil toppers for the kids!  I thought it would be a fun and simple treat for them to take home on the first day of school.

One thing I want to encourage you with, is don't be afraid of your Cricut!  There are so many helpful tutorials online if you are stuck on a project (or just trying to get started).  I sat down and watched a couple tutorials to get myself started, and now I know the basics!  Here are is the YouTube channel that I watched to get some basic tips.

Don't forget to enter to win the Grand Giveaway hosted by Cricut to win 70 prizes in 7 weeks!  Click HERE to enter to win!


  1. I love your little pencil toppers! Those are too cute.

  2. Too cute! I have a circuit expression--- seems like an ancient dinosaur compared to what they can do now!

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