Guest Blogger: Fractions in Kinder

Hey teacher friends! My name is Cassie Thomas and I blog over at Mrs. Thomas's Class/Texas Forever blog! I am a 4th grade writing teacher who has been all over the map since I started my teaching journey!! I taught kindergarten my first year (AND LOVED IT!), moved to 3rd grade ELAR, and then got to loop with my babies to 4th grade writing. Looping has been one of the most rewarding experiences ever, even with being gone on maternity leave. 

I am bringing a post to you today about when I taught my kinder babies fractions. It was the most fun experience, and honestly every student despite what level they were on walked back inside knowing the basic fractions. Texas took this standard out of kindergarten TEKs, but would be fantastic for an end of the year introduction or 1st grade activity! 

 I call it "fraction relays." 
It looks like this: 

Okay, so the above picture is what my fractions were. I bought 10 $1 hula hoops at Dollar Tree and also bought electrical tape to make the fractions. It was surprisingly very easy to do equal pieces. I made 2 1/2's for each group. I did 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, and 1/6.
So I had the kids line up first boys and girls in two separate lines. I had craft sticks and on one side I wrote a fraction, 1/2, 1/3, 2/3, etc. Then on the other side I put random colored stickers (yellow, green, purple, and red) 
The first way we played was where they ran through and had a certain amount of time (1 minute) to look at their fraction and run through the line and put their stick in the correct hula hoop. Then I picked them up and checked who got them all right. Whoever got the most right won. We did this way a few times. Then another class that came and watched, they got the chance to do it too. (On Thursday we are going to compete against each other.) 
The second way we played was with the stickers. I knew what the stickers meant, but they didn't. The stickers told me where they went, yellow was 1/2, red was 1/6, etc. I would say a story for each child. For example: I ate half of that donut this morning. They had to listen to my story and go put the stick in the correct place. This made them think so much harder, and I loved it. They had a blast!!!!! I am so so excited. I can't wait to do it against the other class on Thursday! :) 

Let me know what you think!!! 

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  1. My child does many things at Phoenix kindergarten at a level beyond his own age, and he is still happy and learning and stimulated enough at this school.