Snow Globe Craftivity

I am starting to plan out my January bulletin boards and I wanted to have make a Snow Globe craft with my students.  I added this to my Teachers Pay Teachers store if you are interested in making them with your students too!  There are several different writing paper options so you can use them with grades K-5!

To make a flip craft, the students can draw a snow globe scene on the front and write about it on the second sheet.  

Then they glue the sheets together and the craft can be displayed nicely on your bulletin board!

I think I am going to use this simple one sided snow globe craft with my students.  I am going to do a directed drawing of a penguin with them, and then have the students write a sentence on the bottom!  The first week back from Christmas break I am doing a penguin theme, so this craft will be perfect.  Once I teach about penguins, I will have them write a sentence about one penguin fact that they learned.

Find the craft HERE!


Reindeer Craft

I finally caved and made the reindeer portraits by ARTventurous!  I am so glad I did because my class loved making them!  We started with a directed drawing found here.  The kids drew their reindeer in pencil on white construction paper first.

Then they traced over their drawing with black marker.  They erased the visible pencil lines after!

They colored their reindeer with crayons, and the I made my own green water color.  I mixed yellow and green paint and added alot of water!

The finished product is absolutely adorable!!!  They go perfect with the Christmas books that we have been reading!


Dansko Shoes

After having my baby, I have been having major problems with my feet.  I think this was due to being on bedrest and then recovering from labor... I somehow acquired achey feet.  #joysofmotherhood

I have been wearing running shoes to work every day to try and manage my uncomfortable feet.  After feeling so manly in my athletic shoes for months, I found a different, more stylish solution: Dansko Footwear.  Dansko has been nominated for Footwear Plus Magazine's "2015 Plus Awards" in Design or Retail excellence.  I voted for them, and if you are a fan too make sure to vote HERE!

These shoes are SUPER high quailty and extremely comfortable!  I can stand all day in these shoes at work and my feet are happy at the end of the day!  The family and I went out for a walk at our outdoor mall last weekend.  Hercules tried to steal the show but I got more compliments on my boots than he did! ;)

These black boots are called the Odette and are extremely comfortable for extended walking and standing.

My favorite Dansko shoes are these Markie ankle boots.  They are prefect for jeans or a dress!
 I clearly am happy in the shoes, but Harry could care less about picking out his first Christmas tree! haha!

If you haven't bought yourself a Christmas gift yet, check out the Dansko website for some comfy shoes! ;)
For more updates check out their:


December Counting Ideas for Kindergarten

I have been trying to thing of some engaging counting activities to do with my students.  My kids are having a difficult time learning the numbers and counting objects, so I needed some inspiration to get them to remember the numbers.

I found some Santa erasers at Target in the Dollar Spot and it gave me a fun idea!

 I made Monthly Number Cards for the students to practice putting the numbers in order, saying the number name, writing the number they see, and counting objects to match the number!  

Each month there is a different themed set of cards!

The December set of numbers is a freebie just for you!  I got the cute Santa erasers at Target in the Dollar Spot!  I asked the students to line the numbers up and place the same amount of Santa erasers next to each number!

We practiced putting the numbers in order in a pocket chart!  I first did this whole group and then had them practice with partners during center time.  

Pick up your freebie in my store! Click on the image below!

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