Snow Globe Craftivity

I am starting to plan out my January bulletin boards and I wanted to have make a Snow Globe craft with my students.  I added this to my Teachers Pay Teachers store if you are interested in making them with your students too!  There are several different writing paper options so you can use them with grades K-5!

To make a flip craft, the students can draw a snow globe scene on the front and write about it on the second sheet.  

Then they glue the sheets together and the craft can be displayed nicely on your bulletin board!

I think I am going to use this simple one sided snow globe craft with my students.  I am going to do a directed drawing of a penguin with them, and then have the students write a sentence on the bottom!  The first week back from Christmas break I am doing a penguin theme, so this craft will be perfect.  Once I teach about penguins, I will have them write a sentence about one penguin fact that they learned.

Find the craft HERE!


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