Bunny Ear Addition

We are practicing addition in my class.  I was wandering around in Target and found these ADORABLE bunny plates!  (See, something good has come from my endless hours spent in Target!!!!)  I thought the little bunny ears would be perfect for practicing addition using the Part Part Whole Strategy.

Here are the plates.  They come in three colors, but they are only sold in the store.  (See the link here.) I found them in the Easter seasonal section.

I printed out the words: part, part, whole and found some pom poms in my cupboard.  It would have also been cute to use some seasonal erasers that you can find in the Dollar Spot!

First the students placed pom poms in the ears for each part of the addition sentence.  They wrote out the sentence on their whiteboard.  

Then they scooped the pom poms into the center of the plate and counted how many they had all together!

I used this for my math center all week and the kids LOVED using the manipulatives to practice addition.  They were obsessed with the cute plates and really enjoyed the sparkly pom poms!


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