Back to School Gift with Udderly Smooth

I am partnering with Udderly Smooth to show you a back to school gift idea for your teaching team!  I love giving my teammates a small gift at the beginning of the year to encourage them the first day of school and to let them know I'm excited to work with them!

I am constantly washing my hands all day long during the school day and I really try to use lotion after I wash my hands.  The school soap is hard on my hands, so I like to keep my hands moisturized.  I figure lotion would be a practical gift for my teacher friends!

I created little tags to add to my Udderly Smooth lotion!  I found the cute baskets at Target in the party section, they were the perfect holders for the gift.

I think this gift will be Udderly AMAZING for my teaching team! ;)

You can enter to win an Udderly Awesome Prize of Product and a 100% gift card to Walmart!  Enter below:


  1. This came out super darling! I LOVE The tag so very much!!!

  2. Thanks so much for informing everybody about the contest! I think that it's amazing that you love your colleagues so much and want to make back-to-school nice for them! I really like Udderly smoth and I understand you very well when you say that their products help you to keep your hands moisturized. I've always dreamed to become a teacher and I used Top Resumes Writers to make up a professional resume. And as a teacher, I understand that clean hands are a must but washing them often makes hands dry so I can't imagine my daily routine without a moisturizer