Minted Family Christmas Cards (and a giveaway!)

Drum roll please.... I can't wait to show you our 2016 family Christmas card!  I partnered with Minted this year to create our Christmas Cards.  Take a look...

I was able to use one of their Christmas Card templates, but move the text around, change the color, and edit it to make it say whatever I wanted!  I did use their "Heaven + Nature Sing" design though, I just changed it up a little.

My FAVORITE thing about Minted is that you can upload a spreadsheet of your addresses and they can print them on the envelopes for you!  You can also have your return address added to it as well.  I opted out because I have a cute stamp that I use on my envelopes.  ;)

I am obsessed with the quality, the quick turn around time, and how many different style selections they give you.  It's the perfect mix of designing your own card, and already having it done for you.  

Minted was so kind to provide me with my Christmas cards so I could show them off to you!  They also are partnering with my for a giveaway of $250 in product to their store!  To enter to win, click the link below.  The giveaway will close December 10, and is only open to U.S. residents.


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