March Sensory Bins in Kindergarten

Guys.  I am officially obsessed with sensory bins.  My students always love digging, exploring, touching, feeling AND learning when I bust these bad boys out.  I have a sensory bin resource available for you in my TpT Store, take a gander at my March Academic Sensory Bins!

Set Up:
 I use plastic storage containers and fill it with items I already have in my classroom, along with ANYTHING seasonal I can find at the dollar spot or 99 cents store.  I use sensory bins during center time.  Typically, there are three sensory bins out at one station, and two students share a bin.  

The students pick a card and make an addition sentence, there is also an option to just pick a card and write the number.

The students practice building "short u" words OR just pick a letter and write it.

Some of you may know, I am a retired basketball player.  ;)  March isn't all about St. Patrick's Day, it is also about March Madness!  I included two basketball sensory bin activities for you to use after St. Patrick's Day passes.

This is my favorite activity- the students pick a card and they can either find the first sound, last sound, or word!  The best part is I can use the same cards for each activity, I just give them different recording sheets.  

Last but not least, the students practice drawing number using little circles (basketballs).  I don't know what it is about this skill that is so difficult for students sometimes! 

Grab these in my TpT Store to use for the month of March!  I also created an editable version for you to make your own sensory bin game! 


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