4th of July Necklace Craft

Happy 4th of July!

A 4th of July BBQ  is a great time to have a simple craft for the little ones.  It can be a long day of playing, eating, and celebrating, so it's always good to have some activity available if the kids get antsy before fireworks.

I came across these star paper straws at the dollar store and knew they would be perfect to turn into a necklace.

Before the party I cut all of the straws into little pieces (about an inch) so the kids will easily be able to string them onto the ribbon.  

I decided to use ribbon instead of yarn because the straw hole isn't that big.  I cut the ribbon ahead of time as well, and created an anchor at the end by tying a knot so the beads won't slip off as they are stringing them onto the ribbon.

One more thing on the to do list is to make a baggie for each kid that will contain their ribbon and enough straws for them to string to create a necklace!

4th of July is kind of a big deal in our house because it's Hercules' birthday!



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