Kindness Task Cards

Kindness is something that I explicitly teach I'm my classroom.  We start the year off learning what it means to be kind and setting my expectations of how to treat each other in our class.  

I created Kindness Task Cards after being inspired by some "not so kind" behavior I witnessed in my class last year.  There are 16 different scenarios that actually happened in my class last year, in which I wish my students would have demonstrated kindness.

The students pick a card, read the scenario, and then respond by how they could show kindness instead of being mean.  I have three different recording sheets for you, as well as an editable PPT for you or your students to make your own scenarios.

We completed this kindness activity during center time.  Each colored container contained a set of the kindness task cards.  The students took a box of card and a reflection packet to demonstrate how they would show kindness.  


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