Student "To Do" List Freebie

I am on a mission to get my students to embrace and learn how to be organized.  I feel like by the end of the week we have several different assignments that are due, and people are working at different paces.  I am constantly making lists of who needs to turn in what.  I decided I am going to start making my students be more responsible for keeping track of what work they need to finish...and that inspired this "student to do list."

I printed out a "to do list" on bright paper and laminate it for durability  so the students can write on the list with EXPO Dry Erase Markers  and then they can erase and modify their list as needed!  We have been using these ink indicator markers so the students can see how much ink is left in their EXPO maker.  #love

I let the students pick out what color list they wanted and then I gave a lesson on how and why to use "to do lists."  We talked about how they help us stay organized, keep us motivated to finish our work, and also allow us to feel accomplished once we finish our tasks!

My students have been keeping these on their desks or in their "unfinished work" folder.  You can even put velcro on the back and attach it to the side of the desk.  Their favorite part has been crossing out each task as they accomplish it and then erasing the whole list once they are done!

Grab this free printable in my TpT Store!

Be sure to grab a pack of EXPO Dry Erase Markers with Ink Indicator markers on your next Target run! ;).  You can also grab them on Amazon and other places that sell EXPO markers as well!  Please note that I am partnering with EXPO and am compensated for my work. I received product free of charge, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.


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