Crayon Bulletin Board

In the beginning of the year I always start with teaching about the colors.  It is a very basic concept, and all of the students can feel successful the first couple of weeks learning about colors while I am also trying to assess everyone and teach classroom procedures.  I designed a DIY Crayon Bulletin Board Template for you to use in your classroom!

If you are looking for the wood background you can grab it on Amazon using my affiliate link below! 

The best part about this bulletin board kit is that I have the following quotes for you to choose from.  You just pick you favorite one and print it on colored paper, then cut it out!
Crayon quotes:
We are a rainbow of possibilities.
We are the brightest crayons in the box.
Be unique. Let your colors shine.

The crayons are editable so you can write the color name or type each student's name on the crayon.  It makes for a really personal bulletin board that is just for your class!

This bright and vibrant board is perfect for showcasing student work or hanging in the awkward space above your sink! ;)


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