Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas

December is such a magical time of the year and it can be a fun opportunity to celebrate Christmas in the classroom.  First and foremost, it is important to know your students and families, celebrating or recognizing all holidays that are important to your families in your class. It is super important to create an inclusive environment for all students.  It is a great learning opportunity to incorporate and recognize all cultures and celebrations that are apart of your students' lives.  In my teaching career there have been some years where all students celebrate Christmas and we go WILD with the Christmas theme.  Other years, I jumped straight to a "winter" theme and touched on all celebrations that were represented by my students.  Part of being a teacher is making your students feel known, safe, and seen.  So when it comes to Christmas, it is our responsibility to make sure no one feels isolated because of the holidays they do or don't recognize.  

This blog post is dedicated to classrooms that celebrate Christmas.  All of these boards have been designed by my bulletin board templates.  Enjoy the bulletin board eye candy below! ;)

First up are Elf Bulletin Boards.  I was never a believer in "elf in the classroom" until one year my staff played this huge joke on me... and each day I entered my classroom in the month of December there was some elf mischief I would walk into.  It was fun, magical, and super playful.  (AND it took the whole month to figure out who was in on it, lol).  There have been about 4 different years I have decided to do "elf in the classroom."  There wasn't any sort of "Santa is going to report your behavior," I just simply moved the elf every day to a new location for the students to find him.  Then the very last day, the elf left them a little treat. 
Grab the link to my Elf Bulletin Boards in my store!

My personal favorite have been the Christmas Bulletin Boards and seeing how creative everyone has gotten with the display.  I provided the letters and flip crafts, but everyone else put their spin on how to design the board.  Check them out below!

What I love about these Christmas bulletin boards are that they are versatile so you can use them to decorate your bulletin board OR use them to decorate your door! 

Grab the link to the Christmas Bulletin Boards in my store!


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