Pie Craft

What is more perfect than a PIE CRAFT for Thanksgiving?!
I decided to make a apple and pumpkin pie flip craft with a writing sheet under it.  

The Amazon links do contain affiliate links which means I make a small percent off of any of these paint that you purchase.

The craft itself is super simple.  The students paint or color the top pie piece and can add a "thanksgiving tag" to the center if you want.

Under the pie craft the students respond to a Thanksgving writing prompt.  They glue the craft to the top of their writing so they can flip up the pie and see their respond under it.

I decided to pair this pie craft with my FAVORITE paint by Kwik Stix.  These paints are bold, vibrant, and bright.  They are kind of like a "glue stick" but in paint form.  They are basically mess-free and perfect to leave at a station or for independent work.  I highly recommend Kwik Stix!

Grab the pie craft here!

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