Taking the #PaperMatePledge to Support Box Tops for Education™

Join me this back to school season in taking the #PaperMatePledge. Paper Mate ® will be partnering with Box Tops for Education™, a program that helps invest in local schools through the purchase of select, everyday consumer goods. 

Paper Mate ® is the only writing utensil brandparticipating in Box Tops for Education™, giving both parents and teachers an easy way to give back to their local schools by taking the #PaperMatePledge. 

While you are doing your back to school shopping, kill two birds with one stone and support your local school while you are enjoying your favorite Paper Mate ® pens and pencils! 

Take the #PaperMatePledge and purchase Paper Mate ® products this back-to-school season to support Box Tops for Education™ - all while crossing an item off your school supplies shopping list. 

Paper Mate ® is my favorite writing utensil so I am EXCITED they are partnering with Box Tops for Education™ so I can give back while still enjoying my Flair pen obsession.


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