Kindergarten Writing Center

Teachers know specific standards are more frustrating to teach than others. For instance, this may be teaching kindergarteners to add and subtract. Additionally, this can be learning all 26 letters and their sounds. However, this can also be learning to write. Honestly, there are just so many aspects to learn with writing. This can cause teachers and students to become overwhelmed and frustrated. Thankfully, the Kindergarten Writing Center Bundle is here to help! It contains so many resources that help inspire students to become writers. Most importantly, it guides students through the writing process in a supportive, step-by-step process.

Kindergarten Writing Center Bundle 

This is the ULTIMATE Kindergarten Writing Center resource! It contains everything needed to create writing centers in the classroom or support students as they learn at home. Best of all, it includes a ton of resources to support students on their journey to being writers. 

Writing fluency does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of time, practice, and patience to learn the different aspects. Thus, this bundle includes five themes for each month. Additionally, there are multiple writing options for each theme. Since every student learns differently, this allows for personalized writing assignments. Thankfully, this helps students adjust to the writing process at a speed appropriate for them. 

Within each theme, there are over 35 worksheets to meet students where they are at in their writing journey. Thus, the various options ensure students receive scaffolding every step of the way.

Kindergarten Writing Center Themes

This resource focuses on different themes to help keep writing fresh and exciting. By doing this, students are always writing, but they will always have a new topic to look forward to. For instance, April includes themed resources for spring, farms, Earth Day, the life cycle of a chick, and Easter. Students will love writing with this resource! 

Resources for Each Theme 

There are tons of resources for every theme to guide students through the writing process! Therefore, there is consistency for students as they progress in writing skills throughout the year. For instance, every theme includes vocabulary cards, lists, and sheets. Additionally, there are labeling sheets, make list activities, and sentence writing sheets. There are also story sequencing and story element activities to work on reading skills. Best of all, there are multiple versions of each item! There are also checklists to help keep track of everything when assigning weekly work. Since every classroom is different, the checklist is editable. 

Setting up a Kindergarten Writing Center 

There is no one right way to set up a writing center. There is a prominent spot in some classrooms to hang up lots of guides and resources. In other classrooms, space is tight, so just a few resources can be out. However, there are also classrooms at home for distance learning or home school. Thankfully, a folder can go home with students! There are many posters to pick from in different sizes to fit in any space. This includes color words, number words, the alphabet, and sight words. Additionally, there are sentence stems, which are essential to helping students write complete sentences! Since there are so many aspects to remember, there are posters for sentence best practices. This is a great way to help students check their writing! 

CLICK HERE to see the mega bundle that will have each month's writing center!

The Kindergarten Writing Center Bundle contains many resources to help students practice writing at their level. Between all of the guides, posters, and resources, students will know they are supported whether writing letters or complete sentences.

Get This Free Weather Writing Center 

Join my email list for a writing center freebie to see how incredible this resource is! It includes a complete outline of a themed-writing unit on weather. For instance, it includes vocabulary cards, first sound practice, and build the word activities. Additionally, students will work on labeling and writing vocabulary words to practice spelling. Then, they will begin writing with sentence starters before progressing to creating sentences. Honestly, students are going to have so much fun writing!


Pre-Reading Strategies - 4 Tips on Teaching Kids How to Read! FREEBIE

Where do you start when it comes to teaching children how to read?  I have taught so many TK/Kindergarten students how to read over the years and then something magical was finally time to teach MY OWN son how to read!  We have been practicing 4 pre-reading strategies at home, the same ones I use in the classroom, and he is working though the process of learning those foundational skills to start his reading journey.

There are 4 areas I focus on first when teaching children how to read:
✅ Letter Knowledge
✅ Phonological Awareness
✅ Letter Sounds
✅ Blending Sounds to Read Words

I have a 50 page download for you that will focus on each strategy.  For each strategy I give you an explanation of what it is, teaching tips, learning activities, and printables to teach with!  This would be perfect for teachers, teachers to send home to parents, homeschool parents, or anyone who is ready to start teaching kids how to read!

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