Ice Cream Craft

This ice cream craft is a perfect way to practice writing or counting. The students can work their math skills by placing the numbers in order, or you can select one of the writing prompts and the students can write a reflection.

There are 5 different craft templates included in this resource. For each of the options the students cut and glue the ice cream together! This will make for a perfect bulletin board, memory book, or craft to send home. Each writing template includes primary and elementary lines.

Here are the different craft templates that are included:

1. A counting craft where the students cut and paste the numbers in order 1-5.

2. Back to school reflections- Here are the two phrases to pick from:

-This year I am most excited to...

-My favorite thing about summer was...

3. End of the year reflections-

-My favorite thing about this year was...

4. Summer Reflection:

-This summer I am excited to....

5. Blank template where the students can write their own reflection!

The math craft is a perfect craft to introduce at the beginning of the year to practice fine motor skills, or to use at the end of your study of numbers 1-5. The students cut out all of the pieces and then place them in order!

Click HERE to grab the Ice Cream Craft!

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