The Enchanted Little Learning Corner WAIT LIST

Are you a Pre-K or Kindergarten Teacher? I know these last couple of years have been HARD.  You have poured your heart into your students and I want to take some of the prep. and planning off of your plate for next year.  The Enchanted Little Learning Corner is a monthly membership for Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers!

Each month I share curriculum, learning tips, you get a private Facebook community, and video support from me! Take a look below to see what is included each month-

Each month the members get:

✨ Math Centers that are exclusive to The Enchanted Little Learning Corner

✨ Language Arts Centers that are exclusive to The Enchanted Little Learning Corner

✨ A Craft that is exclusive to The Enchanted Little Learning Corner

✨ Morning Work that focuses on ELA and Math

✨ A Writing Center

✨ Facebook Community

✨ Video Support (trainings, live Q &A, short video tutorials, or guest speakers)

We are going to open the doors to NEW MEMBERS in July, so if you would like to sign up for the wait list, click the link below! (and maybe there is a freebie coming your way😜0



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