Kindergarten Readiness Activities and Centers

My son is officially in Kindergarten right now.  And last summer I was prepping him to enter Kinder at a private school.  After he took his admissions assessment I panicked a little because there was a gap from his TK class to where he needed to be so that he was a little ahead for the first day of school.  Out of that, I created this Ready for Kindergarten Resource.

Before I show it to you, you need to know it covers WAY more skills than just "entering kinder" standards.  Depending on where you work, there are different expectations for the students (we can save that discussion for another day, lol) AND kids are at different levels, so I wanted centers and learning goals that would challenge kids, no matter where they are at.

Let's take a looksie! I can't wait for you to see it! 

The whole resource is centered around the Learning Goals.  There are over 35 cards that you could choose from to practice different learning goals.  You could place them in a pocket chart, like I did, and just display a couple at a time, OR fill the chart up.  It comes with a recording sheet (one for the students and one for the teacher) to color or check off once the students master each skill!  The best part...

...every learning goal comes with an interactive center to match it! So the students can focus on one of the learning goals, and play the center game to practice!


Display the learning goals in a pocket chart, on the white board, or on a bulletin board in your room.  You could have 3 learning goals for the week, or showcase all of them at once!  Pick one to focus on for the day, and pull out the matching center game (or printables) to match it.  The kids can practice the center with the goal of mastering each skill.  Once a skill is mastered they can color the printable version of the Learning Goals.  This will keep them motivated and YOU organized to see who knows what!

You could use this resource at the END of TK, preschool, or Pre-k.  This would be perfect to use the summer before Kindergarten as well. But a lot of people love using this the first trimester of Kindergarten.  These make perfect back to school centers, or even as a review all year long.  If there is a skill your students are struggling with, you can pull out the center for review!

Check out what learning goals are included!!!


⭐️Count 5 objects

⭐️Count 10 objects

⭐️Write numbers to 5

⭐️Write numbers to 10

⭐️Count to 5

⭐️Count to 10

⭐️Count to 15

⭐️Count to 20

⭐️Draw shapes

⭐️Recognize shapes 

⭐️Recognize colors 

⭐️Put numbers in order 


⭐️Say uppercase letter sounds

⭐️Say lowercase letter sounds

⭐️Say the first sound in a word

⭐️Match uppercase and lower case letters 

⭐️Write lowercase letters

⭐️Write uppercase letters

⭐️Recognize lowercase letters

⭐️Recognize uppercase letters


⭐️Draw a self portrait

⭐️Write first name

⭐️Write last name

⭐️Cut with scissors

⭐️Draw a self portrait 


⭐️Put letters in order 

⭐️Read CVC words

⭐️Blend sounds in a word

⭐️Build words

⭐️Segment sounds in a word

⭐️Count by 5s

⭐️Count by 10s

⭐️Write numbers to 15

⭐️Write numbers to 20

⭐️Count 15 objects

⭐️Count 20 objects

Print- and-go Printables Included:

✅Draw a self portrait

✅Name writing


✅Number tracing

✅Number writing


✅Fill in the missing number

✅Uppercase letter tracing

✅Lowercase letter tracing

✅Letter matching (upper and lowercase)

✅Letter Hunt (upper and lowercase)

Head over and check out the Ready for Kindergarten Resource to simplify and streamline student mastery of beginning kinder skills!


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