About Me

Hello Blog World!

My name is Michelle Griffo and I have stumbled upon this blogging world, and have fallen in love!  I feel like reading blogs, networking with teacher-bloggers, and PINTEREST, have made me grow more in this last year than getting my teaching credential and masters in education.  Is it ok to say that?   This interactive world of engaging with other teachers has sparked my creativity and passion for teaching in a way that I didn't think was possible.  I have been blogging since January 2012 as a New Year's resolution.  I am so excited to see where this new adventure takes me, and I will enjoy the ride along the way.

I have 10 years of teaching experience, most of my years have been spent in Kinder, but I have also taught PreK, TK, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th! Several of those years I was teaching a combo! I have taught in the public school system, a private Christian school, and overseas in Cairo, Egypt! 

 I am located in Southern California, and would love to meet anyone and everyone that is willing to talk all things: teaching, Target, crafting, and of course, blogging!  When I am not teaching, I am busy being a mommy to my son, Harry, and daughter, Sloane. :)

  My handsome Hubby and I live in Southern California, and we are having fun navigating life together focusing on God, family, friends, and our careers. 

Thank you for taking time to read my blog once, or every post I write.  It means the world to me to be able to share ideas and learn from all of you!


  1. I love your blog! How did you learn to make your lesson packs? I wish I knew how to! You should make a tutorial :)
    Pure Joy

  2. Hey Michelle!
    I stumbled upon your blog last spring when I was planning a summer class for kinders entering first in the fall. My daughter goes to an underperforming school that is over 65% English language learners. As a former high school English turned stay-at-home mom, I decided to offer a free "summer school" class once a week for kids who were falling behind. My daughter's kindergarten teacher was thrilled and offered to help me with it and offered her classroom. I used many of your ideas :)
    I also started following you on Instagram and realized that we have some shared friends! Anyway, thanks for blogging and for all of your great ideas!

  3. You are so cute! I cannot wait to meet you !

  4. Hey! So I follow you on Instagram and never visited your blog until now! (it's summer and now I have all the time in the world ;)) anyway, you mentioned above that you wanted to teach 4th originally but because of the limited job market in SoCal you were forced to teach kinder- that struck up some curiosity for me! Do you think it's easier to get a job in SoCal and teach Kinder versus another grade preference? I always thought that the younger you go the more limited you are in options… I guess i'm wrong- that's good news for me, because I went from teaching 7th grade ELA to Kindergarten this past year, and I absolutely LOVE kindergarten and hope to move back to LA or OC sometime in the next few years, and I want to teach Kinder there :)

    Anyway, just curious :) I can't wait to spend my summer reading your blog and get lots of really awesome ideas on how to teach my fresh new set of Kindergarteners this August!!!

  5. On Pinterest and found you! I am so happy for you and love your blog. We miss you so much, ava and zoe still talk about you and their old friends.

  6. Oh my gosh, you're just the cutest! I hope to meet you in one of these So. Cal blogger meet ups soon :)

  7. Hello - I love your Jonah and the Whale craft - http://applesandabcs.blogspot.com/2012/05/jonah-and-whale.html. I am writing from Meaningful Mama, where I'll be doing a round-up of Bible related crafts. I use one picture and a link back to your full post and tutorial. Let me know if this is NOT OK. I want to make sure you're OK with me using a photo for the post. Thanks! Jodi

  8. Love your blog, Michelle. You seem like a fabulous teacher.
    please visit my own blog. Best of luck this coming school year.



  9. oh my goodness, I love an idea I found on your site via pinterest. i just realized that we went to high school together! what a small world!

  10. What school district are you in? I love your work. It makes us all better teachers!!