Watermelon Craftivity: Math and LA

I am absolutely in love with this watermelon craft.  I found a way to layer the watermelon craft so that I could incorporate math and language arts into it!  Since it is almost summer, I want to let the students explore some summer fruits in the classroom!  I will bring in sliced watermelon for the students to taste, and then we will do this summer craftivity!

There are three layers to this craft.  The top layer is the pink watermelon, and the second layer is a math craft.  The students can choose how many seeds they want to add, then cut and paste it onto the melon.  After, they will write the math sentence on the line.

The third page is for writing a couple sentences about watermelon.  They can write about how it tastes, looks, or feels!  

I included two worksheets to practice using the students 5 senses.  The two graphic organizers will be great for brainstorming before they write.

I hope this is something you can use with your class, I will be using it as a mini-unit for summer school!  Hop on over to my TPT store to pick one up! :)


  1. Great Post!!! Watermelons make me so excited for summer, and I'm sure your students will get excited about this one. :)

    - Naomi


  2. I love these! Come enter my giveaway.

  3. This is a wonderful idea! We need some kinder-fillers for the end of the year and I look forward to using it :) Just started following you on tpt and will post your button on my blog :)