Winter Emergent Readers: Mittens, Snowmen, Penguins

I needed to make a set of Winter Emergent Readers to use in my reading groups for the rest of this month.  The themes of the readers include: mittens, penguins, and snowmen.  I am going to use these to read in small groups, then send them home for homework for extra practice.  
Here they are:

The books are:
Where is the Mitten?
I See a Snowman

The sight words included in the books are:
where, is, the, mitten, red, orange, yellow, blue, green, here, they, are, white, black, my, penguin, can, swim, on, ice, look, at, him, hop, here, big, small, and, like, to, slide, fast, I, first, build, snowman, add, finished, body, last, hat, second, eyes, mouth, then, nose, branches, next, scarf, buttons

Happy reading!
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