Parent Wish List for Back to School Night

Back to School Night is this week and I wanted to make a cute parent wish list bulletin board.  There are some items that I would love to have in my class, and parents are always asking me if there any supplies that I need/want .  I made this "Help Our Class Pop" bulletin board to give the parents a chance to donate some goodies to the class. 

I used this popcorn set from Teacher Created Resources and turned it into my parent wish list.  The parents can come up and take a popcorn if they see something that they would like to donate!

Most of the items are really cheap and basic, but if I had to purchase all of them, then it would cost a pretty penny. ;) 

I think this popcorn bulletin board is adorable, hopefully the parents will too!
Here is a little popcorn treat that I am going to leave on everyone's desk.  It says, "Thanks for popping in!" and it is attached to a package of popcorn!


  1. So cute! I love this idea. WIsh I had time to do something similar to this for my class this year.

  2. This is so cute and creative. I really like the way you "themed" both your thank you for stopping by gift and your wish list. So dang cute!

    Granny Goes to School

  3. Oh, Michelle! Adorable and creative, as usual! Love the "parting gift" to parents! Just love all your ideas!

    Carla M. (from Pinterest!!

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