Thanksgiving Craft: A Turkey!

I have an obsession with putting my seasonal bulletin boards up early, so we can get the most out of them for the entire month.  Anyone with me on that one?  Art class was canceled, so I took that time to make a Thanksgiving turkey craft with my students.  This Turkey Time Craftivity is something I made last year with my Kindergarten students.  I put a spin on the writing piece for the 4th graders...

Take a look at the turkey bulletin board!

When I taught Kindergarten, I had them write and draw about what they were thankful for.  This year,  I had the students write a persuasive letter to the farmer, from the viewpoint of one of the farm animals. Some of them wrote from the perspective of the turkey, dog, pig, or a turkey pretending to be another animal.  Most of their persuasive letters made me laugh out loud!

Here is a picture of my Kindergarten turkey bulletin board from last year.  If you teach primary, you could have them draw about what they are thankful for, or draw a picture of what the farmer should eat instead.  :)

You can pick up this turkey craft in my TpT Store. :)


  1. What an amazing switch to 4th grade you have made! Love the turkeys :)

    I am ENTIRELY with you on the bulletin boards. It's an exhausting, time-consuming problem!

  2. So cute! I love the 4th grade spin on it :)