Winter Words: Learn to Read and Write!

I am excited to introduce a new pack for practicing reading and writing words.  It is themed for the winter so you can use it with your seasonal activities!  It covers 25 words that you could use for the months of December-March.

What I love about using this type of printable, is the kids do multiple things with each word: they read it, color it, trace it, find it, write it, and cut and paste it!  Once you show them how to do one of the sheets, they can complete them independently.  These are great for independent practice, center work, homework, early finishers, etc!

Check them out in my TpT Store!

Click HERE to get a FREEBIE for MLK Day! (the link should be working now)

If you have students that are ready to write sentences, check out the same type of pack, but for Writing Winter Sentences.  See the blog post HERE.  


  1. These are so great! Checking them out now! Thanks for sharing :)

    Mindful Rambles

  2. These look great! I was just thinking of putting some kind of winter writing activity together for my 4 year old... I think this will be it! =) Thanks
    Teaching Munchkins

  3. I tried to download the MLK sheet and it said I needed permission. I've never seen that before. Could you email me and let me know how to get it? It looks great!

  4. Same here! It said I needed permission.

  5. Same here- said I needed permission.

  6. Thank you, Michelle! These will be great! :)

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