S'more Inferences

I have said this before, but making crafivities are my absolute favorite.  I repeatedly had my 4th graders telling me, "thank you for still letting us still make crafts!"  The goal is to keep them engaged, spend minimal time one the actual craft, and to get them to understand the desired concept.  For this lesson, we were practicing making inferences.  It's interesting to me how some kids understand this topic, or it comes naturally, and then for others they really can't grasp it.  We used Deb Hanson's Let's Make S'more Inferences creativity to practice in our class!

She provides several scenarios in which the students make two inferences using context clues and background knowledge.  I decided to make some jumbo s'mores to decorate a bulletin board with!  

On the graham crackers they wrote down context clues and background knowledge on the reading prompt.  This one was about the mom and dad leaving in the middle of the night, the grandparents watched them, and then they came home with a new baby!

For each writing prompt, they wrote two inferences that they could draw from the text.  I had them read their inferences to a partner to make sure they were on point.  A couple of us got off topic, but it helped working together to check the work!

Lastly, they put their yummy s'more together to display on the bulletin board!  They loved flipping through the different s'mores to see the different background knowledge!

Thanks Deb for the great learning opportunity! ;)


  1. Thank YOU, Michelle, for blogging about this craftivity! I loved looking at the photos, and I absolutely adore the bulletin board with the campfire!! How creative! Your kiddos did a fabulous job!

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