Teacher Memes

I think I might have found my new calling in life.  Making teacher memes.
Well, at least I make myself laugh!😂
I'm going to share the "behind the scenes" inspiration for each of these memes...

Maybe I avoid my principal the month before school gets out...
One time I bought homemade salsa from a co-worker (like the best I've ever had) and I accidentally left it in the fridge over the weekend and I came back Monday and it was GONE.  I'm still mad about this one.

It happens every year.  The last day of school I always get a pedicure.  So when that parent wants one more conference, I give it my all, but secretly trying to decide what color nail polish I'm going to pick.

I mean, what other option to you have?!

When a sub doesn't show up, we take each other's class for the day.  We get paid for it, I'm happy to help a friend in need, but this is the face I'm making inside... knowing I have to make a new plan for the day because I will have 60 kids in my room but only have sets of 30 in EVERYTHING.  The more I think about it, that is a great Common Core math equation. 

If I had one wish for staff meetings it would be that I could volunteer to make a staff Starbuck's run.  


  1. I just loved the selection of teacher memes that you have so generously shared here. I would like to share them with some fellow teachers of mine< I am sure they all will be just happy to see this satire on teachers’ life which are very true. I am sure that there is also a meme about those who are in need of essays online and would like to get some help and advice from fellow students. I think that this kind of jokes give us positive feelings, if we have something to laugh about, everything isn’t so gloomy.

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