Tips for Student Teachers

Are you so excited to be FINALLY student teaching?! It seriously is on of the most important first steps in your career of becoming future teacher!  I want to share tips with you on how to have a successful experience student teaching! 


My main piece of advice would be to enter that Master Teacher's classroom as if it is one GIANT interview.  The entire time you are there, consider it a couple month process of you possibly getting a job at that school. 
-be on time
-dress professionally
-keep phone hidden and away


Be a sponge.  It is exciting when you first enter a classroom and you might want to hit the ground running, but be considerate of that fact that you are entering someone else's classroom, so make sure you are respectful that they are your mentor and you are the student.  Even if you don't agree with their teaching philosophy or management style, remember how you handle that and present your self is important because this is an interview. 


Say YES to everything! Go to staff meetings, extra planning days, parent-teacher conferences, assemblies, each lunch with the staff, DO ALL THE THINGS!  This is a great way to show that you are a team player and to get the most out of your experience.


Stay as organized as you can! In my video below I give examples of how to stay organized, but if possible plan when and what subject you will takeover first.


Communicate with your Master Teacher! If you are struggling let them know, and ask for help!  Ask as many questions as you can! It is difficult starting fresh in a new class/school, so it might seem like learning a foreign language.  This is ok, but don't suffer silently.  Tell your Master teacher how you are feeling and let them know how they can support you.


Follow the classroom management plan that is already in place.  It might be difficult to find your spot on the classroom as far as authority and discipline goes, and that is totally normal.  My advice would be focus on knowing the students, building relationships with them, so they know you care about them.  This way when you need to redirect their behavior they will trust you and *hopefully* obey.  I would continue the classroom management plan your Master Teacher is already using, and then sprinkle in some positive reinforcement/reward system once you have been in the class for a couple of weeks.  Ask your Master Teacher what the behavior expectations are and how the consequences work for different defiant behaviors.

For the rest of my tips... I have a YouTube video waiting for you sharing all my advice that I would give to any student teacher!  Click the video below to watch it!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your advice so generously! It's really very important and difficult to go through your first teaching experience. Find your own approach to each child, pay attention to each student, because every student of yours is a person and he needs a feeling that he is cared for. I remember my first teaching practice when I was a student. It really was a difficult time, loading was incredible, sometimes I even had to ask my group mate write my homework for me, because I did not have time to cope with everything, so much time and effort my student teaching tasks took away. But all this becomes unimportant later, when at the end of the day, you see those burning eyes, when the students thank you for the interesting lesson. Only at this moment you realize the importance of what you are doing.

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