Morning Work

Every elementary teacher knows that the morning can be incredibly overwhelming. Between all of the students coming in and so many tasks to handle, developing a strong morning routine is essential. Thus, when taking attendance, lunch counts and collecting folders, all students can be getting into a school mindset. Truly, the Kindergarten Morning Work Bundle will ensure students are ready to have a positive, engaging day of school! 

Implementing the Kindergarten Morning Work Bundle

Since every classroom is different, there is no single right way to implement morning work. When developing a schedule, it is important to do what is best for students. Thankfully, the kindergarten morning work bundle has several ways it can be successfully implemented! 

  1. Seat Work in the Morning: As students first enter the class, they can have morning work ready on their desks. Hence, they will know exactly what to do when entering the classroom. Honestly, having this work-ready will greatly reduce students running around the classroom and going wild. Seatwork in the morning is the perfect way to create a calm start. 
  2. Homework: Some schools may have a set morning routine. Or, a purchased series including worksheets that must be used. Understandably, teachers have to follow set guidelines. Thus, the bundle can also be used as kindergarten homework! At this age, it is important to create engaging assignments in order to help students love school. Additionally, this bundle will allow parents to work with their children on important skills.
  3. Extra Practice: Oftentimes, students love extra worksheets! Whether the extra practice is truly needed or students just like to do it, it is always helpful to have options ready.  Thankfully, the morning work bundle is ready to go! Copies can be printed in order to ensure students have all the practice they need. 

The benefit of the Kindergarten Morning Work Bundle

Whenever teachers are selecting new material or resources, it is important to analyze how the selections benefit the classroom. Since every minute matters, it is essential to pick the best resources for the students. Luckily, this morning's work bundle is filled with benefits!

  1. Consistency: There is a set of morning work for each month! Specifically, there are 50 Math and ELA pages for every month of the school year! Therefore, teachers will be able to establish a clear, consistent routine every day of the year. Furthermore, all of the kindergarten printables follow a consistent format. Each week starts out with 6 different skills and repeats. Hence, the hope is that students learn how to complete the worksheet independently after teacher instruction. 
  2. Content Review: Implementing this morning's work will ensure that kindergarten review is happening all year. Each month focuses on specific aspects in order to ensure students are practicing important content all year. For instance, a few skills in September include tracing lines and shapes. Then, April involves editing a sentence and counting by 5s to 50. Hence, the content review builds as the year progresses and students learn more complex information. 
  3. Teacher Time: There is so much to get done each day! Finding teacher time to handle tasks is nearly impossible. However, morning work gives teachers an opportunity to check homework and get ready for the day. Truly, once students know how to complete the task, they will be able to complete it independently as each page is a review. Hence, teachers will be able to breathe easier as they check off what they need to do.  
  4. Options: Since every classroom has different needs, there are multiple options for morning work. First, there is a paper option for morning work. This includes the 50 Math and ELA pages per month. Second, there is a Boom Card Digital option.  Each month has 6 Boom Card decks to review basic kindergarten skills. They can be played at home or in the classroom. Students will just need the internet. Third, there is also a Mega Bundle option Here, there are the 50 Math and ELA pages AND 6 different Boom Card decks. 

Teachers are so busy every single day. Additionally, students are so busy learning content and enjoying the lessons teachers create. In order to create a routine, review content, and provide time to independently work, morning work is the answer! Truly, the day will start on the right track when students have something waiting for them as they enter the classroom. 

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